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Rachel, Always Check Your Blind Spot – Blog #11

Posted by RachelE on June 27, 2011

At that moment, Rachel’s heart was pounding and she was sweating profusely. She couldn’t believe this was happening. The day had started out like any other – as usual, Rachel was forcing myself to get out of bed for school. No, she wasn’t getting up at the crack of dawn; yet, being summertime, 11 o’clock a.m. felt like dawn. She lethargically got dressed, took one look in the mirror and realized it was as good as it was ever going to get, and hurried downstairs before she gave in and climbed back into bed. She skipped breakfast, which was the normal routine in the mornings, grabbed a juicebox and left the house. Rachel lived about 10 minutes from the Long Island Expressway and the drive to the highway was uneventful this specific morning. She began to hope that the rest of my day would go as smoothly as her drive to the highway. Things started to get even better when she entered the highway and saw the traffic was moving well and it wouldn’t take her long to get to school. She breathed a heavy sigh of relief and turned on her left turn signal, changing lanes until she was driving in the fastest lane, closest to the divider on the highway. She was really enjoying this drive and had even started humming along to the songs she didn’t like on the radio. While changing stations on the radio looking for one she could actually enjoy, she noticed a car gaining speed in the lane to her right. The car didn’t seem threatening so she didn’t pay it any attention as it eventually caught up to her. Rachel didn’t realize that the car was trying to get into her lane but couldn’t because of her car. The car sped up until it was ahead of her but was still in the second lane. Unfortunately, Rachel ended up in the most dangerous spot she could possibly be: in the car’s blind spot. Suddenly and without warning, the car swerved into her lane. She honked multiple times, which she never does under normal circumstances, but it was too late. The only way to avoid crashing was to turn away from the car and into the highway divider. She turned her steering wheel to the left and waited for the impact of the crash. And yet, at the last second, the car next to hers realized what was happening and turned back into its lane. Rachel sharply turned the steering wheel the other way and narrowly missed the divider. And that, my friends, is the story of how Rachel almost died.

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