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Book Everlasting – Blog #12

Posted by RachelE on June 28, 2011

“But the eternal, of course, is not quite true. The infinite is an invention” (Fernandez VII).

Macedonio Fernandez, in his novel The Museum of Eterna’s Novel (The First Good Novel), is trying to achieve the seemingly impossible. He is trying to create an everlasting novel; a story that will last forever and be eternal. However, even before beginning his attempt, Fernandez admits to the readers (in the above quote) that he realizes what he is trying to achieve is almost impossible. No one knows if there really is such a thing as “eternal”. Who can prove something can be everlasting if no one lives long enough to actually witness it?┬áHumans created the “infinite” as a concept and idea to create hope in people that things do live on after death. It’s nothing more than an invention until proven true, which isn’t possible. But even though the idea of creating an eternal novel would seem daunting and a waste of time, Fernandez believes in the possibility of doing something no one else has ever done and surpassing the boundaries of literature set by other authors. He believes he can create something that can exist beyond this fleeting world and live forever, separating his novel from the time-bound existence of mankind.

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