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Polchow, Shannon M. “Manipulation of Narrative Discourse: From Amadís De Gaula to “Don Quixote”.” Hispania, 88.1 (2005): 72-81. JSTOR. Web. 27 June 2011.

Current narratological studies of Don Quixote reveal that the text contains numerous narrative voices, including the extradiegetic voice of the supernarrator and the intradiegetic voices of the historian, translator, and Cide Hamete Benengeli. Looking specifically at Amadis de Gaula, one will see how these voices illustrate a common narratological link between Don Quixote and the chivalric tradition.

Walsh, Richard. “Who Is the Narrator?” Poetics Today, 18.4 (1997): 495-513. JSTOR. Web. 27 June 2011.

“Who Is the Narrator?” calls into question the concept of the narrator as a distinct and inherent agent of fictional narrative. The effect of this concept has been, misleadingly, to frame and contain fictionality. The argument addresses Genette’s typology of narrators, first comparing the extradiegetic homodiegetic category with the intradiegetic categories in order to establish that all these narrators are equally represented, and are therefore characters. It then confronts the extradiegetic heterodiegetic case, examining the implications of omniscience and external focalization and dismissing the claim that distinct narrators are needed in such cases so that the fictional information may be presented as known rather than imagined.

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